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Feel free to contact me. I'm interested in any comments you may have about this site, and in making contact with SP users
in general.

Please send email's to:

Several people have helped me greatly by contributing information or technical assistance in the building of this site. I'd like to thank :

-Anthony Godfrey at Peavey Electronics Product Support for information and answers to SP Technical questions - always
 replied to quickly.
-Amy Zeringue at Peavey Electronics Advertising for product information on the SP Plus.
-Tom Morgan for reprints of the Key Issues articles.
-Peter Segerdhal at Zereo-X for his great program "Seamless Looper". ; my hosting company.
-Vincent for creating SP Disk, enabling the posting and downloading of SP sounds and banks.
-Francis Bourdeau III for scanning the entire SP Manual and sending it to me.
-And most of all, to Mattias Ljunggren at the Peavey DPM SP Samplepage (now sadly defunct) for the inspiration to put
 together  a site, and countless emails on getting SP Disk to work (for me!). Without his help, this site wouldn't exist.