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Sample Downloads
Here's the best part of the site - free samples! I will try to add more samples every few months. The selection may be a bit eclectic, but they reflect my taste as to what's good, and what I think is worth posting. Some files may be rather large, but I like comprehensive sample sets sampled at full bandwidth; stereo whenever possible. It's always a good idea to upgrade your SP's memory to the maximum: 32 M. I'm into natural, organic sounds - I think that this is where samplers really shine; in emulating real instruments & loops. I feel there's already enough 808 kicks and Juno 106 Basses on other sample websites.

These samples are encoded via the program "SP Disk" developed by Vincent, which includes two programs: SP Read and SP Write. SP Write is used for turning these posted MS-DOS files into SP disk files once they are downloaded into your computer. SP Read is used for turning SP disk files into MS-DOS files so they can be saved on your PC, posted on a website, or transferred via the Internet.

Looking for free Wave files? I've received some emails on this subject; unfortunately these samples are only available in Peavey SP format, and can only be read by an SP sampler. The waves are imbedded in the programs along with the patch data, and can only be separated after loading into an SP.

How to run SPRead or SPWrite under Windows XP:

To Run SP Write:

To Run SP Read:
1) Download and unzip "SP Disk".  
2) Download and un-Zip any Bank from this page into the same folder as" SP Disk".
3) Put a blank disk in your computer's floppy disk drive.
4) Drag and drop each Disk Image from the un-Ziped Banks into the icon named
    SPWRITE.EXE. SP Write will write the Image to floppy disk. Insert additional
    disks (if necessary).
5) Load the disk into your SP/SP+. Enjoy !

1) Download and unzip "SP Disk" into your "C" folder.
2) Save the Bank in your SP to floppy disk(s).
3) Put the floppy disk in your computer's disk drive.
4) Open up your "C" drive and click on the MS-DOS icon named "command".
5) Type in: spdisk\spread (leave a space) SP Bank Name .sp . The SP Bank name must   
     be 8 letters\numbers or less. It should look like: C:\>spdisk\spread piano1.sp
6) Hit enter, and the program should begin to work. SP Read will write an SP Floppy Disk   
    image file on to your computers "C"disk. This Floppy Disk image can then be posted  
    on a site, emailed, etc. and written back to the SP with SP Write.
7) To write multi-disk Banks, name each disk with a different number or letter in the SP
    Read Text window : Piano1A, Piano1B, Piano 1C, etc. These names refer to the file
    names of the imaged files once they are in the computer, and do not have to  
    correspond to the names of the SP disks.

SP Disk


Akai Latin Percussion 1 8 Disks, 10.375M.
Akai Latin Percussion 2 17 Disks, 22.75M.
Akai Latin Percussion 3 8 Disks, 10.375M.
Darbuka 5 Disks, 5.875M.
Indian Rhythums 100 8 Disks, 10.25M.
Indian Rhythums 104 8 Disks, 10.625M.


Ethnic Flutes 19 disks, 25.625M.
Far East Instruments 15 Disks, 20.625M.
Didgeridoo 2 11 Disks, 14.5M.


Vienna Strings 3 Disks, 3.75M.
Octave Brass 10 Disks, 13.25 M.
Velocity Vibraphone 6 Disks, 7M.
Glockenspiel 7 Disks, 8.875M.


Moog Basses 6 Disks,  7M.
Mark's Jazz Bass 22 disks, 29.875M.
Mark's Jazz Bass-Extras 5 Disks, 6.25M.

Synth Pads:

Lush Pad 6 Disks, 8.25 M.
Man-I-Pad 10 Disks, 13.25M.
Myst Hit 5 Disks, 5.5M.
Quazy Moto Pad 5 Disks, 5.625M.
WS-Firedance 5 Disks, 5.875M

Synth Leads:

Edye Boost 6 Disks, 8M.


Ambient FX 5 8 Disks, 10.5M.
Hits 7 Disks, 9.625M.
Movie Ambiences 13 Disks, 17.75M.
Star Trek 1-4 12 Disks, 16.5M.
Star Trek 5-6 8 Disks, 10M.