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The Library


The Windows patch editor for the Peavey SP. This is a fully functional but un-supported version that has now been made available as freeware by the developer. You will need a MIDI interface for your PC to communicate with the SP (via SysEx)

An Editor Program for the Mac.

Some documents worth having:

The complete Manual for the Peavey DPM SP, written by Craig Anderton.

Installation and configurations of SIMM's for the SP.

Explains the Effects Section and Akai sample reading on the SP Plus.

The Manual for the DPM SX-II

Tips and hints on the uses of the SX II.

Explains EPROM installation and the Akai sample conversion.

An outline of the need for, and development of SMDI; originally developed by Peavey for the SP.

A chart that displays available sample time as memory X sample rate.

The SP's System Exclusive information.

DPM SP/SX articles from Peavey's "Key Issues" Magazine:

SP Introduction
Peavey Sample Library
John Lawry Interview
Philip Wolf Interview
EQ SP Review
SP-SX II Doubletake Ad

Sampling Tutorials & Links:

A great, deep, very comprehensive article on making your own samples.

From the Tweakhedz Lab site; interesting and innovative uses for getting the most out of your hardware sampler.

I've received a few requests on SCSI info, so here's a great article detailing proper setup &

From the "Loopers Delight" website. Mainly directed at looping with delay, but many tips can be used for Sampled Loops as well.

Sound On Sound Sampling Tutorials: