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SX II Technical Specfications

Analog to Digital Sampling front end made for the Peavey DPM line of Synths & Samplers manufactured by Peavey Electronics from 1992 to 1996.
Can be used with the Peavey DPM 3Se, DPM SP, any computer via SCSI, and controlled by the Peavey PC 1600.
Records audio via dual "combo" 1/4" HiZ-XLR phantom powered LoZ input connectors.
Sample Rate selectable from 24 to 48khz in 10 hz increments.
Single 1/4" stereo TRS Audio Output Jack.
Comes standard with 256k of RAM, can be expanded up to 32M.
Uses Mac 30 pin SIMM's (non-pairity) in 1, 2, 4, 8, and 16M.
Transfers samples to host via MIDI (SDS) or SCSI (SMDI).
When used with the SP, samples can be transferred (via SCSI) while being recorded, up to the maximum memory of the SP.
Dual concentric Left and Right Input Level Knobs.
Left and Right bicolored Input Level LED's -Green for signal present, Red for clip.
Monitor button monitors digitized imput signal after the A/D stage at selected sample rate.
Audition button plays back sample in the SXII memory.
Arm button puts SXII in "standby" mode for remote activation of sampling.
Start/Stop button manually begins and ends sampling.
MIDI Dump button manually activates MIDI sample dump.
Sample rate button selects between 24k, 48k, and ALT ( 32k ) sampling rate; other rates may be selected by host device in 10 hz. increments.
MIDI In, Out, & Thru ports.
Single 25 pin SCSI connector, internally terminated-MUST be last device in SCSI chain.
Defaults to SCSI ID # 0, SCSI ID can be changed from front panel.


Clean sound, easy to use, samples directly to SP's memory (no need to increase the SXII's memory), inexpensive, separate sampling and playback units, SCSI, SMDI, one rack space.


SCSI termination cannot be changed.

Current Street Value:

$25.00 - $50.00 US